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Jennie Hsu
Wellness Visions Founder 
Lifestyle Medicine Physician
Health and Wellness Coach
Energy Healer


5327 Jacuzzi Street Suite 1A
Richmond, CA 94804


Are you ready to get 2024 off to a great start?  Elevate your energy with the 24 unit Energy Enhancement System at Wellness Visions, founded by Dr Jennie Hsu, in Richmond California!

The Energy Enhancement System (EES) creates bio-active scalar fields and biophotons that increases cellular membrane potential, reduces inflammation, pain and stress, and promotes stem cell activation, DNA and cellular repair.  Many people report a deep sense of relaxation in addition to having more energy.  Improved healing post-surgically and reversal of acute and chronic conditions has also been reported by many health practitioners.

As a member of the Berkeley Dental Society, you are invited to a free 2 hour EES session to experience this for yourself.

Download the Wellness Visions flyer here