Retiring doctor only worked 125 days/year last 26 years. Collections 2017 $360K; 2018 $332K, 2019 $365K, 2020 Closed from 3/16 to !0/15 due to COVID, $111K, 2021 $200K (mainly hyg as dr disabled and referred out restorative emergencies) 400 active patient charts,69 years goodwill, all Perio, Endo, Pedo, Ortho, Oral Surg referred out, digital OP100 pan, Sordex Optime PSP, OpenDental and Cliniview software, 2900sqft 8 op, top floor Huntmont Medical Building, 2 north corners, views of Cal Campus, Berkeley/Oakland hills, Claremont Hotel, SF Bay, 2 ops subleased to specialists for 24 years (ends 5/31/2022), master lease has options until 2042. Never before available. Full price $285,000 Only charts $200K; Only lease $150K
Whitney Johnson